shots of chapeaux

this weekend, in between a slow jog along the seaport and large pasta plates in little italy, I found myself wandering whimsically into any stylish soho storefront I came across. my favorite, feet down, being the hat shop : an adorable boutique of handcrafted hats! as the shop lady asked if I was looking for anything in particular, I said I never could find the courage to wear a hat. the beautifully aged woman simply stated, "it all started for me with a beret. because it was cold." 

one beret and she was whisked away to a hat haven : one she shares with old friends (pleasantly pictured around the shop), audrey hepburn, alexa chung and kate middleton... these talented top ladies find a classic case of cool underneath each straw, felt, floppy, basic and adorned hat they sport. I left without a chapeau but haven't stopped thinking about her entirely believable, bold statement as I returned to the street:
 "you have more fun in a hat." 

shots of chapeaux

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