couture club

sadly couture week seems to be an invite only event. so sitting in the states I stay, pouring over pictures of the lovely ladies that do get to attend (or at least walk around pretending they do...) the shows themselves may lend endless inspiration, like elie saab's romantic gowns and chanel's classic tweed, but I always feel more attached to the street style shots from the likes of tommy ton and phil oh. no stylists, no casting, no wardrobe check: just women wearing their wardrobes of amazing and adventurous ensembles! 

even if only for an event like fashion week, each statement of extreme personal style is a source of motivation to experiment in your own closet. it's a reminder to "wear what you want," to express your glamorous daydreams and quirky personality all at once. so sport the outfits of leopard-on-leopard, mint green hot pants and dapper top hats you've been piecing together in your head at night! whatever makes you feel like you're strutting down your very own couture club catwalk...

couture club

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