trendy tropics

As the spring/summer runway shows rolled in like ocean waves they brought with them prints inspired by the tropical 
destinations we spent all winter dreaming about. Each piece offers a unique mix of oversized palm fronds, oceanic images and 
equatorial flowers that create an escape, only to be found by the girl who's bold enough to wear it! There is a surprising versatility 
in wearing these prints though my favorite is simply pairing with neutrals, like black or navy, and really letting your vacation-
inspired textile be the center of the instagram snapshot. Add a pair of stellar shades, a summer cocktail (with an umbrella) and 
dig your toes into the imaginary sand - it's summer!

p.s. [pearl snippet] I love the playful attitude of those tibi resort lobsters and realized today, while at the prada/schiaparelli 
exhibit at the met, their seriously classic nod to the iconic lobster dress! Even if unintentional, finding these threads that connect 
designers, details and decades add such depth to the fantasy that is fashion. As if I needed another reason to love it...

trendy tropics

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wandering ways

I have officially been in the city for three weeks and I have never felt more endlessly excited, overwhelmed and inspired! Waisting away lazy afternoons has been all too easy as I could take gold in Olympic Wandering these days. I love peering into designer windows  on Madison Avenue, gazing up at intricate architecture downtown, losing all sense of direction in Central Park, drifting through museums and people watching from random coffee shops. 

Marie Claire has been an exhausting but incredible adventure so far as I'm mastering the subway and my iPhone gps on excursions to endless PR firms and designers to collect the beyond glamorous wardrobe that makes up the fashion closet! I admit it can be quite heart breaking when the purple Louis Vuitton handbag and crystal-adorned Chanel pumps can't come home with me, but at least we get to spend the day together! 

a few of favorites so far...


peplum party

I've been quite the fan for a while. Since seeing them pop up in profesional runway pics and paparazzi snapshots, peplums have 
transformed from a statement of sophisticated, fifties femininity (think Mad Men / Pan Am era) to become a mini revolution 
of modern silhouettes. The best part of turning up the volume is the perfect balance between classy cocktails and stylish street
We can all look like Emma Watson on the red carpet and Blair Eadie in San Fran with a peplum top + jeans, my new go-to with 
this weekend's closet addition! (a plain white peplum tee from zara
Print, color and texture to your taste to be dancing in a peplum party in no time!

peplum party

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