map maker

The busier I get the more I think about far off destinations. Since actually escaping to somewhere exotic is a little out of the 
question, I've been drawn to mapping out future adventures instead! With a growing list of go-to destinations, I will have a lot
of ground to cover  in the years to come, ranging from sophisticated London to tropical Fiji. With cute luggage, postcard stamps
and a couple street maps - I think I'll be quite unstoppable, don't you?

on the map


pretty pants

It's been a dark and stormy week here making any remaining color seriously pop. So onto my never-ending and always-
changing shopping list have floral pants found their way to the top. The bold prints simultaneously say "I'm fun" and "I'm 
fearless." Just the right attitude to keep gray skies out of your closet!               jcrew . urbanoutfitters . petersom
pretty pants


jacket joy

Lately in my Pinterest addiction, I have found myself re-pinning the same jacket look on multiple occasions. It always
includes a clean cut jacket, contrasting layers, a variety of shorts and quite often some sparkle or metallic! With an outfit 
like these, you'll radiate classy and cool all day long!

jacket weather


cool collar

My most recent trend obsession: stand out collars! Whether an innocent peter pan or an edgy oxford, they add an extra
level of personality to any outfit. Rotating through about three of my own stylishly collared shirts, I've found they are 
perfect for a wardrobe that takes you from coffee at 10 to cocktails at 9!cool collar


sixty stripes

2011's color cravings weren't limited to blocking and neons, a sixties-inspired array of stripes coated tops, shifts and maxis. Lucky for those of us looking to make a statement, we'll get to see plenty more sixties stripes this spring! 

sixty stripes

Where I'm finding my wardrobe-striping inspiration:
vanessa jackman




The perfect addition to any outfit, wrist or day, nothing feels as classic as a strand of pearls. So toss, drape and snap them on over stilettos, vespas or tulle skirts. Personality turns them timeless, so make them yours and here on this site will be "my pearl."