street style structure

Flipping through slideshows of Fashion Week Street Style, one look I've been quite drawn to is structured handbags! I've seen everything from classic neutrals to wild neons with structured handles and long chain straps. The sophisticated rectangular shape is always given some personality with little details and new textures. Add some daring shades and an oversized watch and you're ready for your street style close up!
handbag structure



February fourteenth marks the day: date nights, elaborate chocolates, grand gestures, cheesy chic flics and floral arrangements... 
This year I'm taking the day with a a bit of optimism (and a lot of pink, frosted cookies) because even though I'm not on fancy 
date and the flowers are actually my roommate's, I have plenty to keep me preoccupied! You will find me home tonight, 
wearing my new heart-adorned nightgown munching on a box of cinnamon graham crackers, simply glad there's love out there 


daring details

There's something about wearing a tough piece of jewelry. It's an instant source of attitude. A hint of your dangerous side. A 
statement piece that says, "hey! are you sure you want to mess with me?" Mixed in with an everyday wardrobe of feminine, 
classic and slightly retro pieces - these daring details add an air of edge to your otherwise sweet persona!sweet spunk


true tulle

You probably remember your first ballet class too... ring-around-the-rosie followed by a mix of slightly coordinated skips and 
stretches, all of course while adorned in nothing but a fabulous tutu! Well there's no reason we can't still have those dreams 
of dancing ballerina slippers. Paired with a baseball t. and feminine flats, a full tulle skirt can take center stage in your closet 
as you do on the street! 

tulle love