our dear denim

Only a few fabrics can truly bridge the river that runs between Fashion-land and Comfort-ville. Denim just so happens to be 
the queen of this bridge! Unlike any queen before, she is not stuck in the past and strives to be modern and cool in every 
ensemble. She's expanded her territory past pants this year to focus on the denim shirt by signing treaties with chunky jewelry, 
fur vests, flirty skirts and tailored suits. If the fresh attitude of the light wash shirt isn't quite to your taste, denim suggests 
you try her dip-dyed to add extra flare! 

ps (pearl secret) : as much as I adore the classic denim top, there's something even more incredible about the threads in 
overall form - officially hunting for the perfect pair!

do it denim

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new to new york

There is officially one day separating adventure and I. In a handful or so of hours, I will embark down the city sidewalks 
not-so-less traveled by the young and inspired: those of downtown New York City! Beyond excited? Yes! Terribly nervous? Yes! 
Not only will I be discovering NYC and city life for the first time but also testing my fashion fever and style sense as a "Fashion 
Intern" at one of my favorite publications, Marie Claire! So here's to sight seeing, direction losing, over-packing, closet lusting 
and dream living! I'll update you soon...

                          new to new york

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scarlet statements

Quite certainly you've noticed. If you're not living in 1930s black & white cinema, there is no denying the peeks, prints and 
pops of color that are so stylishly ubiquitous maintenant! My closet has always veered towards the blues and greens of the color 
wheel, leaving that rare red dress for statement occasions. Where an LBD has always been a quick and easy decision, the LRD 
(little red dress) has been saved for the truly confident or attention grabbing girls in the room. Well no longer! 

I'm reforming to consider red hues as another go-to neutral, so move over navy blue! It is perfectly acceptable, and 
enthusiastically encouraged, to wear scarlet shades anywhere, anytime and in any unexpected color combination you deem fit. 
I admit though, I may have to revert back to blue just long enough to find that enviable envelope clutch...

street statements

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printed paws

This summer is more than sweet pastels and youthful florals: there's also a touch of something fierce! Feet will be lost in the 
jungle as they sport cheetah and leopard of all shapes and sizes. The studded loafers add an extra edge while those perfect 
pumps look forever sophisticated! I recently stumbled upon a pair of one-inch, ankle-strap wedges that are decked out in this 
classic print and seriously can't wait to give them a run. So while prowling for accessories this month, I'd say going wild is a 
great way to show off your personal spots!

printed paws

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