thank you thirteen!

how this has happened I'm not quite sure, but it's time to say 'thank you' to twenty-thirteen & gear up for a fantastic fourteen! reflecting right back through the many events that mark my memories of this year, there was nothing typical or unmemorable about those twelve months. through eight countries, four cities, two internships & one set of eyes, I've seen more of the world in this one year than my past two decades combined. my family, my dreams & my perspective have most definitely changed & though some experiences have been exponentially more enjoyable than others, I feel ready to ring in the new year & I excitedly await the adventures to come! 


check into cheer

why hello there holidays!  it's about time to welcome in a wonderful day when bits of family bickering & frostbitten fingers all find a happy place around a hot cup of tea gazing upon a lively decorated tree. I plan on handing out my hand-wrapped gifts, sipping cute cocktails & munching on more cookies than I care to truly admit... hope you've checked into your cheer for a very happy christmas! 

check into cheer
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cheetah cheer : 
                           check into holiday cheer


taking on tartan

though taking on some trends can turn out quite terrible, a terrific tartan this winter is definitely worth your while! no matter your level of scottish heritage, the perfect plaid pattern can add warmth to your wardrobe. try tartan trousers with a plain white tee or an oversized checkered coat with darkwash denim. not ready to run the print head to toe? a classic & cute scarf or set of loafers look lovely paired with your favorite knits & winter staples! how will you take on your tartan?

taking on tartan