wandering ways

I have officially been in the city for three weeks and I have never felt more endlessly excited, overwhelmed and inspired! Waisting away lazy afternoons has been all too easy as I could take gold in Olympic Wandering these days. I love peering into designer windows  on Madison Avenue, gazing up at intricate architecture downtown, losing all sense of direction in Central Park, drifting through museums and people watching from random coffee shops. 

Marie Claire has been an exhausting but incredible adventure so far as I'm mastering the subway and my iPhone gps on excursions to endless PR firms and designers to collect the beyond glamorous wardrobe that makes up the fashion closet! I admit it can be quite heart breaking when the purple Louis Vuitton handbag and crystal-adorned Chanel pumps can't come home with me, but at least we get to spend the day together! 

a few of favorites so far...

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