weeks of world fashion

september is absolutely fantastic for a few fashionable things: thick magazines, ankle boots, chai tea lattes and... fashion week! I was ecstatic to adventure back to new york for the nyfw weekend while helping hearst in marie claire's fashion closet. I spent most of my time stalking stylish people and shoe shopping but snagged a couple tickets to my first lincoln center fashion shows! music bumping and cameras snapping, the oceanic vibes of monique lhuillier and modern florals of joanna mastroianni left me craving bright colors with cute character.

as much as I adore pouring over the picturesque runway looks as each premiers, street style adds an extra inch of inspiration as these confident women strut the sidewalks in glamorous, gutsy and simply great ensembles. throughout new york, london and milan, fashionable gals have been spotted in quirky looks that are anything but quiet. it reminds us how fun fashion can be as the industry rewards the brave who will wear head-to-toe prints, voluminous sweaters and alligator backpacks. here are a few of my favorite shots from fashion weeks around the world...

weeks of world fashion

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