schoolgirl style

with august well underway, it's time to squeeze in our last bits of summer fun as the season ends early for those of us still in education. I'm not-so-secretly dreading the return of dreary classes (I prefer fashion to finance) but am eager to embrace a few fads of campus life. when it comes to peter pan collars, pleated skirts, satchel bags, quirky accessories and classic white shirts: schoolgirl style is back! I credit a bit of spring/summer's fifties revival and a bit of "adorkable" zooey deschanel/emma stone for bringing the look back to business. personally, I'm obsessed with the idea of being beyond girly, current yet classic and acutely accessorized this fall. fashion is fun and I will always embrace a look that doesn't take itself too seriously, as none of us ever should...

"I've never let my schooling interfere with my education" mark twain

schoolgirl style

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