flamingo flare

if my closet consisted of one pink, feathered coat that I must make work every day, mornings would be made much simpler & cocktail hour might have a bit more character. though I'm all for measuring your mood before deciding what to wear that day, for those mornings you're suffering from 'outfit ADD' (when your bed & floor have more shirt options than you do), is playing it safe the most confidence-inducing solution? I'm beginning to think an easy yet more satisfying route is to 'go big or leave it home!' taking advice from our flamingo friends who dress everyday in hot pink hues that holler out, 'look how bold & beautiful!' we can strive on those uninspired ensemble days to flaunt our feathers like there's no time to dress for tomorrow. they may not have much variety, but flamingos certainly have flare! 

flirty flamingos

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